Lindsay Young

Photography bio

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Until recently I lived near the beaches in the Sutherland Shire, south of Sydney, Australia. Here we have the ocean to the east and the Royal National Park to the South so there are lots of photographic opportunities close to home. I am currently in Moss Vale and I am discovering the Morton NP and the Highlands villages. My photographic interests cover a range of styles and genres but typically landscapes and travel. Recently I have become more interested in minimalist landscapes as I am hugely influenced by the natural world and wildlife and natural textures. I cannot help but be impressed by wonderful landscapes particularly in Australia and Europe. My recent trip to Scotland was absolutely fantastic. Five weeks was not long enough. I also like to incorporate some architectural elements highlighting where nature and architecture interact in ways that form interesting compositions. I also enjoy photographs with abstraction, taking elements of an ordinary scene out of context to make interesting images or else using ICM (Intentional Camera Movement). My personal philosophy is that all my images have had a bare minimum of post processing except the abstracts where just about anything goes. Normally there would remain only minor adjustments to finish the image. Always learning